Wouldn’t it be great to replace your brain with, say, William Gibson’s, circa early-80s Neuromancer? Or maybe early-90’s, and Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash?

Clearly, I’m a science fiction geek, hence the literary references and the idea of brain transplants. But I’m serious. Take me, for example. I know I’m not a genius, and I’m fine with that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to feel, to experience, being inside the mind of a genius, not merely reading the genius words they put down.

This blog will be my poor attempt to step outside of my brain in each of my blog posts – to try to see whatever topic I happen to comment upon from a different, uncommon angle. I expect I won’t succeed in most, but maybe I will in some – and as long as I think I succeed, that’s all that matters.


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