Why do people work? What is it that makes someone go to a place everyday to do a job that they don’t really like doing? It has to be more than just money, right?

I don’t know about other people, but one reason to stick with a job is the people you work with. As corny as it sounds, your co-workers go a long way to helping you get through each workday. One of my previous jobs involved selling things that I wasn’t too enthused about selling. Correction. I hated selling those things.

Luckily, the people I worked with were all cool. Everyone did what they could to make work a little more inviting, whether it was bringing in baking one morning, or finishing up quickly so that we could all leave a few minutes early.

Another reason to work is the experience you gain. Unless you’re stuck in a menial job where every day is the same as the one before, there’s always something to be learned, even by doing a job you dislike. I sometimes wonder if I should have stuck it out a little longer at one of my other jobs in order to learn as much as I could. I disliked the work, but I was learning something new almost every day.

But these are just a couple things I’ve experienced. What makes you go to work everyday? And the people who have jobs they love, please chime in as well. I’d love to hear any and all reasons for working.


One thought on “Work

  1. I work because I have to. Also because I love it. I get through each day – one day at a time. Sometimes, the day drags on and its more exhausting than having a super productive and busy day. Those super boring long days are terrible but to combined with the tragic hangover is a recipe for disaster. All in all, we work because it gives us something to do, some aim in life. Money to live on. People to bitch about. Keeps things in the air and lets us savour the moments when we are NOT in the office. Just think about what it was when we are looking for jobs. Always worried about the next day or rent/mortgage. Wondering when the call is going to come from the interview you did two weeks ago. Desparation is not a good thing. How in the world does one relax? We don’t. Is there a middle ground? Why yes – we can win the lottery. The bad news is that I have a better chance of being struck by lightening on a sunny clear HK summer day. Cheers.

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