Is This Law Going Too Far?

Some of you have probably heard or seen the recent reports about the passing of a new French law making it a crime for non-journalists to film a violent act and distribute the video on the Internet.

This article from ArsTechnica provides a succinct summary of the controversy surrounding this new law.

Personally, I recognize the intent of the law and I support it, but the fact is that it will be next to impossible to enforce. Sure, video-hosting sites can be compelled to remove these sorts of videos, but as we all know with the Internet, once something is posted, it’s there forever.

But what do y’all think about this? Is it right that the French government legislate who can and cannot record videos of events occurring in the public domain? What do you think of the logic behind the requirement that only journalists be allowed this right? What defines a journalist in today’s age of bloggers?


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