Objectionable Conduct

***Special Post***

(BTW: this won’t make sense if you don’t know that I’m an online peer tutor at Douglas College, and I’m being paid to write a learning-centred blog as part of my job. But now that you know this, you might wonder if I’ll still be around after reading this.) 

So it has been revealed to me that my blog is not personal enough and that it’s not learning-centred enough. I beg to differ, especially on the second point, but I can see how some people might see it that way; I just don’t agree.

As to the first point, I have no problem being more ‘personal’ (it’s a writing style, not a state of mind), but I’ve rarely found it to be a ‘good read’ when I’ve come across it in other places. I like writing that’s informative and tells me something that I didn’t know before. I really could care less what someone else thinks unless he/she/it gives me reason to, and that’s what I think I’ve been doing (hey, let me know if I have’t accomplished this). Perhaps I haven’t used “I” enough in my posts? But does using “I” make the post more personal or more self-centred?

Very, very, very few people can use “I” when they write, unless they are stunningly good writers AND have a wealth of knowledge/experience to share. I have neither of these, so I don’t use the word that much. Having said this, I realize that blogging began as an avenue for people to express themselves, to use “I”. Perhaps this is why the vast majority of blogs publish in obscurity, with only a select few entering the public eye.

As to the second point, my posts have all been about things that I’ve learned. Perhaps I don’t state it explicitly, I.e. “This is what I’ve learned…”, but I’m sure most readers can infer what I’m getting at from reading the post. I credit readers with intelligence and critical thinking skills; to do any less would be an insult.

Anyways, this is my gut reaction to what I learned today. Perhaps I’m in the wrong and have totally missed the point. But I think that I’m creating something that’s interesting and informative, while at the same time imparting my viewpoint without being overbearing. I leave it to readers to decide.

Let me know what you think. I am totally open to comments, so leave something constructive. Otherwise, I’ll return to my regularly scheduled posts tomorrow. If I’m still around. Cheers.


3 thoughts on “Objectionable Conduct

  1. I like your blog postings alot, HOWEVER the reason is not because of the content but more about your style of writing… personally Im not huge into video games and role playing games etc. but I read your posts anyway. I guess what I am saying is I doubt whoever told you to make your posts more personal is probably just trying to encourage variety not shut you down completely.

  2. oops that last sentence was messy, I meant that probably whoever is giving you feedback is just encouraging you to write about a variety of things because students like to hear about what you think of school etc.

  3. Thanks for your comments. Glad someone out there other than me likes my writing style. I think that the people who were giving me feedback wanted me to limit my posts to certain topics without actually coming out and saying so. I have no problem with commenting about school/school life, but I don’t want that to be the only things I post on.

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