Blades of Steel over Short Bus 2-1

We won! We won! We won!

If it sounds like I’m a little excited, it’s because I am. Here’s the situation: going into the game, we had 4 wins after 17 games. Good enough for worst in our division. And we’re in division 19 of the ASHL at Burnaby 8 Rinks, so really, we’ve sunk as low as we can go.

Short Bus is a team we’ve always played well against, and last night was no exception. It probably helped that we had three full lines of forwards and defencemen rolling.

But I think what really got us the win was that we changed our mindset. With all the games we’ve lost this season, we were stuck in a rut. Some of us were trying too hard to make the perfect shot or pass, others didn’t feel like they could make a difference anymore. Still others had just gotten used to the idea of losing, and thought that keeping the scores respectable instead of a blowout would be good enough.

It turned out none of these reasons were correct. Steve, the “Running Man” right winger, said it best: “We’re not having fun out there”. Guys were so tightly wound up that they seemed to forget we were playing in division 19 in a beer league. We are paying good money to play, so the least we can do is enjoy it.

I think that’s what happened last night. The guys finally learned that we play best when we’re having fun, when we’re taking the time to look around and make the smart play, rather than the quick play. I hope this trend continues when we have our next game Friday night.


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